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the_purgatorium's Journal

The Purgatorium
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Helpful Hints:

Posts should be at least somewhat bulimia related. Or really really cool.

Things that go under a cut include:
-STATISTICS (frowned upon, but we choke them down)
-Substance abuse
-Laxative usage
-Binge lists
-Pictures (sometimes)
Use your best judgment. If your judgment is off, we will let you know.

This is a place to find bulimia (purging type or otherwise) acceptance. DO NOT PRESSURE BULIMICS INTO RECOVERY OR REMISSION. There is a place between sickness and health called real life. Embrace it.

If anorexics come here, you're more than welcome to suggest yummy things for them to eat. There's no need to pretend we are something we aren't!

Remember to consider the principles of harm reduction as they might apply to a practicing bulimic at all times when 'helping others' here. Save the abstinence talks for your 12-step meetings and Sundae school.

some current info copied from the original purgatorium.